The “Win Win” for Licensed Operators


Draft Brackets is a business tool that offers licensed operators the unique and powerful ability to increase revenue (and profitability) by creating (and offering) endless amounts of sports betting pools to paying customers.


Operators earn a VIG on each betting pool operated and assume zero financial risk on outcome of the sport games/events.

Draft Brackets is a white label solution that helps licensed operators increase customer engagement, handle, and profits.

What’s in it for Operators?

Operators need to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Draft Brackets innovative products can help operators win the fierce competition for customers.

Operators need to increase margins.

Drafts Brackets monetization model is all about driving profitability via low-risk and high return monetization opportunities.

Operators need conversion of “Free to Play” and dollar players.

Draft Brackets gameplay options include FTP and $2 pools, so bettors can dip their toe into sports betting pools before jumping into the deep end of the sportsbook pool.

Operators need to increase betting frequency.

Draft Brackets can extend user engagement beyond the traditional sports betting product to increase recurring revenue earned from each customer.

Operators need “iGaming as a Service.”

Draft Brackets provides top notch customer support with integration of game play, revenue reporting, user analytics, and CRM management.

Operators need customization.

Draft Brackets offers operators the ability to cherry pick which proprietary iGaming products and technology meet their needs.

Operators need to build customer profiles.

Draft Brackets utilizes user data to build automated and personalized marketing campaigns with intelligent segmentation to maximize player retention.

Operators need seamless integration.

Draft Brackets “Plug and Play” offers seamless turnkey integration into any software system.

Operators need marketing assets to support launch.

Draft Brackets provides website messaging and creative assets to deploy for launch.

Draft Brackets gameplay pits bettor against bettor for real money. Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.

What’s in it for Bettors?

Sports bettors are constantly seeking action to win.

Draft Brackets can feed and retain this user with endless gameplay options.

Sports bettors want the best experience.

Draft Brackets unique products carry the fun and drama into gameplay, forever changing how sports fans consume and bet on sports.

Sports bettors want low effort action.

Draft Brackets “Set it and Forget it” gameplay, lets bettors focus on watching the games and keeps the number crunching and browser refreshes to a minimum.

Sports bettors want bang for their buck.

Draft Brackets offers bets starting at $2 and game play options include bets that last entire sports seasons (not just one game, or one play in one game).

Sports bettors want simple.

Draft Brackets keeps it simple with predictions/picks process, intuitive scoring, standings, and immediate prize fulfillment.

Sports bettors want options.

Draft Brackets gameplay offers short term or long term action in all sports in variety of formats.

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